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A forum can revitalize your project will enable users to provide feedback on your site, to discuss a particular problem, or just talk among yourselves. And the forum is virtually your intervention. In the early Initially, of course, will have its very moderate and guide in the right direction, but soon I assure you your "personal investment" will pay off and the forum will become independent "living organism". So, if you still do not have the forum – must install it. Among the many engines from the rest of the forum clearly distinguished phpBB, VBulletin, IPB, ExB. I think many have noticed that the title of any forum page contains unnecessary elements.

For example, "viewing the forum", "view topics" and many others. These unnecessary phrases must be removed so as not to clutter up the precious name of the theme, topic, etc. The man already knows what action he is doing at the moment, so once again remind him that he looks at a topic or section is not necessary. Additionally, I have observed that META tag description and keywords are empty. They need to be filled with an optimized content, such as the title theme. And if there is an opportunity – to use for each topic section its own unique meta tags. Search Engine Optimization Forum will not be complete if not disable the use of so-called session, in order not to duplicate pages. Search engines, to put it mildly, not like the presence of multiple copies of the same page.

Just do not forget to close the offices of the indexing sections of the forum for this in the robots.txt file, specify the search spiders to disallow sections. To improve the indexing of the forum would recommend you add it to the panel Webmaster Yandex and Google, be sure to include in this file sitemap. The Internet is full of various generators, site maps, both online and software. Which one to use – the choice is yours.