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Monthly Archives: January 2011

Historical Documents

"Historical documents and manuals (IIDS)" Development of programs for "1C: Enterprise 8" – Universal, is set for software products: "1C: Accounting 8" 1C: Trade Management 8 "1C: Enterprise 8. Trade management and customer relationship (CRM) 1C: 8 Management Predpritiyae production … Read more »

To Connect With The Customer And More Sales

It is common to hear people call themselves as “software salesman” or “insurance saleswoman” and I really wonder why they are pigeonholed in that denomination. They are peddlers of products rather than real men of sales. A person gifted with … Read more »

6 Reasons To Improve Your Body Language

When we are at school or at work, teach us to improving our words. Learn to improve our language and words to impress. We learn to build intelligent chains of words to gain an advantage and to communicate more clearly. … Read more »